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Why Should I Use Monument Signs for My Business?

Few things make a stronger statement about a property or company than a monument sign. Monument signs for businesses tell clients and customers that the company is an esteemed and quality organization. Few things reinforce a band image as much as a monument sign.

What Are Monument Signs?


Outdoor monument signs are ground-level signs that make your key business information easy to see for a car or person passing by. Typically they are made from brick and mortar construction, plastic, stainless steel, stone, or other strong materials. Some may be illuminated monument signs or have LED displays integrated.


Monument sign designs are often very architectural in their approach and make a grand statement upon entrance to a property. Their most prolific use is as monument entrance signs, and these signs convey that someone is at the correct location while giving an upscale look.

What Are the Benefits of Monument Signs for Business?


All signage is essential, and every sign has both a function and brand benefit associated with it. Monuments may have the primary function of conveying location, but they have the lasting benefit of making an impression that sticks with a customer.


The three main benefits of outdoor monument signs are:

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Due to strong, durable, and weather-resistant materials, monument signs are built to last. They are a part of your landscape that generally doesn’t need maintenance.

Improved Brand Value

An elegant sign says great things about your brand and commitment to quality. Customers that enter a property with a monument sign will have an even more positive brand perception and are willing to attach a premium to your company or property value. The sign can be constructed to match your brand’s goals. If you wish to instill a sense of being a quality, rock-solid company, an imitation stone or stucco sign might be the perfect fit. A business that wishes to exude excitement or nightlife might use special lighting.

Increased Visibility

If you look around, you’ll see that monument signs in Tampa are all very visible to passersby. Being at eye level and of very high quality, they are easy to see and draw eyeballs. Customers can find a business quickly, resulting in increased foot traffic.


Almost any organization can benefit from a monument sign. Stores, professional businesses, places of worship, hotels, restaurants, and apartment complexes are just a few organizations that see excellent results.


United Visual Branding is the go-to monument sign company for Tampa area businesses. We consult with clients to find what best fits their needs and then manufacture and install our monument signs using the latest technology and finest materials. Our goal is always to reinforce the value of your unique brand.

Contact us today, and let’s find the perfect monument sign to make your business stand apart from all others.

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