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Why Is Environmental Branding Important?

We all know that first impressions are important, and more so in the business world. Customers do take notice of business branding and it really does affect all manner of things, from how employees feel to whether or not someone will buy from you.


Environmental branding can be a huge part of giving the right first impression to your clients. It’s about reflecting what your brand stands for in your workplace and ensuring the appearance of your business premises fits your brand.

What is Branding?

Your brand is made of everything from your logo, colors, visual designs, marketing voice, and more. It’s also made up of everything you do from answering the phone to delivering what you sell to marketing yourself. It’s just as much about how you make people feel.

Environmental branding is another way to show off your branding and enhance brand recognition. Of course, you can brand your website, your stationery, your posts on social media, and even your vehicles, but it can be equally effective to brand your premises.

When people visit your workplace, whether you own a restaurant, a retail store, or a roofing company, you can design your space to make them feel welcome and to enhance your brand.

Environmental branding work does need specialist help from professional, experienced environmental branding companies, so ensure that you choose someone with years of experience in the field.

The Benefits of Environmental Branding

You can extend your branding to include the interior of your premises with environmental branding. This makes your workplace instantly recognizable for current clients that have worked with you before, and for potential clients who have seen your marketing touchpoints online.

This consolidates what people have in mind about your brand. If everything in your branding is consistent, with the same colors, fonts, and design, that is reassuring for customers and helps them to feel that they are in the right place.

Here are just some of the reasons why environmental branding is important:

1) Your space will be another brand touchpoint for customers

On average, it can take between five and seven impressions for people to start to get familiar with your brand. When you’re meeting potential clients that have already been exposed to several touchpoints online, your beautifully branded workplace can be the final touchpoint that helps them make a buying decision.

2) Deepen your brand connection with your customers

A well-branded space helps your brand to connect even more with your customers. You build connections with your marketing, and you can reinforce this when welcoming people into a space that reflects the branding they are used to seeing.

3) Boost productivity and motivate your employees

A well-decorated and branded space can motivate your employees too. People feel good when they’re in an attractive and well-planned workspace and that translates to more productivity and higher motivation.

But can environmental branding really make so much of a difference to the bottom line? Well, if you’re not yet convinced, here is some of the latest research on branding:

From Smart Dreamers’ 5 Employer Branding Statistics to Know: “Brands with poor company branding pay 10% higher salaries.”

People nowadays are looking for far more from an employer than just a steady wage. They want perks and benefits, and one of the benefits they’re looking for is an attractive place to work that makes them feel like part of something. According to Smart Dreamers, “If you think business branding is insignificant, think again. Not only will you find it more challenging to find new employees and retain existing ones if you maintain a poor company image, but you’ll also pay 10% more in salaries.”

According to Forbes’ article 10 Marketing, Web Design &Branding Statistics To Help You Prioritize Business Growth Initiatives, “Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%.”

If you apply that to your business premises too, environmental branding can make a huge difference to how quickly you achieve brand recognition and start moving customers from “Know and Like”, to “Trust and Buy”.

In addition to graphics, branded elements, paint, furniture, lighting, materials, and finishes, an obvious place to start with environmental branding is with your signage. You can use floor and wall graphics, digital signage, wayfinding signage, and more to create the exact look you want for your business premises.

United Visual Branding is a professional environmental branding agency with years of experience in signage and environmental branding. We’re happy to work with interior design agencies, architects, and other members of your team to create an amazing environmental branding design that really reflects your brand and wows your customers. Why not get in touch with our professional team today?

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