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Types of Outdoor Signs for Businesses

Proper outdoor signage does far more than simply letting your customers know your location. When you work with our experienced team at United Visual Branding, we provide you with insights into how a proper signage program will:

  • Build your brand
  • Communicate your marketing message clearly
  • Draw in more qualified prospects
  • Allow seasonal and targeted promotional messages
  • Provide an exceptional return on your signage investment

Outdoor Signs for Businesses that Get Results

While a proper signage plan will cover all aspects of outdoor signs, interior signs, and vehicle wraps, it is wise to start the process by choosing the best custom outdoor signs. For today’s businesses, there are new materials and technologies that provide many exciting opportunities to make your signs stand out from all the clutter of other companies and competitors.

Our focus is to help you choose the ideal custom outdoor signs that deliver the biggest impact and draw attention to your business and your brand. Fortunately, there are a number of types of commercial signs that can be tailored to deliver your exact message.

Type of Outdoor Signs

Just a partial list of the most popular exterior business signs includes:

  1. Pole Signs. These are the common outdoor business signs that are seen mounted on a pole in front of a business. There are many varieties of this sign and it is often the foundational sign for your business.
  2. Wall Signs. When a pole sign is not possible for us, the wall sign is created to display the business name and/or logo. Wall signs are flat, three-dimensional, or a hybrid. Channel letters are commonly used for wall signs and some businesses find it effective to use both pole and wall signs.
  3. Directional Signs. These signs are often very effective for businesses that don’t have high visibility or are part of a complex of buildings. Customers appreciate the help in finding a business without undue searching.
  4. Sidewalk Signs. These signs are great for special promotions and seasonal messages, as well as day-to-day attention-getters.
  5. Window Graphics. While effective graphics are mounted both inside and outside windows, they make effective use of the large amount of “real estate” that windows offer.
  6. Monument Signs. When possible to use, monument signs are placed low to the ground and help identify a business and direct customers around parking lots, community entrances, and building entrances.
  7. Blade Signs. These are usually supplemental signs that are hung on the edges of buildings and in locations to attract attention when a business is not located in a readily visible area.
  8. Illuminated and Non-Illuminated. While most signs fall into the category of lighted or not, special use of technology such as LEDs or traditional neon can grab attention during business hours or 24/7, depending on the specific situation.

Your outdoor sign is an integral part of your overall brand and marketing plan. Just one call or click to the highly experienced team at United Visual Branding will give you access to our insights and knowledge to devise the best possible signage plan for your business.

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