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Well Fargo custom metal sign in Tampa

Metal signs are incredibly hardwearing visual marketing tools that have sleek, edgy, and serious characteristics. With the right design, they can appear to be classy and timeless as well. United Visual Branding highly recommends them to medical clinics, hotels, tech companies, law firms, corporate offices, and more. Apart from displaying your official company name and logo, metal business signs are also fantastic for indicating room numbers, directional cues, wayfinding information, and parking space guidelines in Tampa, FL.

Types of Custom Metal Signs

  • Stainless steel signs

In the past, many people avoided stainless steel because they were prone to erosion. However, you don't have to worry about that anymore because United Visual Branding applies a special coating on these indoor metal signs to amplify their damage-resistant qualities and extend their lifespan. Give us a call today to learn more about the process.

  • Custom aluminum sign

They are lightweight yet surprisingly resilient to rusting and other forms of water damage. We highly recommend these outdoor metal signs for entrepreneurs who want to solidify their brand through cost-effective means.

  • Alumalite metal business signs

These extremely heavy-duty signage solutions are built to last for a lifetime. They are ideal for entrepreneurs who are serious about maximizing their marketing budget. Reach out to us to learn more about the cost of metal signs.

  • Engraved Dibond signs

If you are looking for long-term signage investments, we suggest that you get Dibond. During the fabrication process, we skillfully form them into three-dimensional elements or simply print your preferred design on metal sheets.

Uses of Metal Signs for Your Tampa-based Business

  • Solidify your brand: A smart way to reinforce your company and establish a sense of professionalism within the facility is by using metal signs to showcase your trademark, slogan, and other brand-related elements. They serve as a great reminder to employees and clients about what the brand is about and what makes it different from others.
  • Welcome customers: When installed at the reception area, commercial metal signs are effective in greeting customers from the moment they step inside the establishment. These signs help create a good impression of your business and reassure guests that they made the right decision in choosing your company. You can also display your slogan, mission vision, company values, and more.
  • Label rooms and important spaces: These simple yet classy signs are perfect for indicating specific areas in your Tampa store, office, or shop. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the font style and size complement your interior design and branding requirements.
  • Provide directional cues: Boost employee efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with business metal signs that showcase wayfinding information. You can choose between polished or brushed finishes, depending on your goals and light fixtures in the establishment.

Outstanding Metal Signs Manufacturing and Installation Company

United Visual Branding takes pride in producing some of the best quality metal signs near you. Our passion for the craft and customer satisfaction is just one of the many qualities that make us the best local sign company in Tampa.

As industry leaders, we understand the importance of creating tailor-made solutions for each brand that we work with. This is why our custom metal signs tend to be more effective than those made by others.

United Visual Branding strongly implements a customer-centric approach throughout the sign-making process. This helps us uncover your needs and understand your goals. We also utilize top-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that clients get high-quality, durable signage investments.

Are you ready to get the best metal signs in Tampa? Call us today to get started.

Our Process


We’ll meet with you and learn about your vision for your company, your brand and your project. We will then suggest solutions that include types of signage, materials, process and timelines.

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Our team of designers will take your vision and create drawings for your project for your review and approval



Our team of skilled sign makers will take your drawing and custom build your sign bringing your vision to life.

Our Process Fabrication


As soon as your sign is complete, we will schedule your installation with our skilled team to complete your project.

Our Process Installation


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