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Dimensional Letter Sign of Burger Lab in Tampa, FL

Custom dimensional letters are individually cut, molded, and installed visual communication tools. Their solid three-dimensional details look professional, timeless, and charming. We typically install them at storefronts, reception areas, conference rooms, and other critical areas in your Tampa facility.

Don’t confuse them with channel letters that are hollow and illuminated from the inside. Dimensional letters also don’t have faces and can only be lit up through external sources.

Best Types of Dimensional Letters in Tampa

  • Stainless Steel Dimensional Letters: These signs are built to last a lifetime. They can withstand inclement weather and pollution with little to no maintenance. Here at United Visual Branding, you can choose among three different styles, namely: waterjet flat cut, fabricated, and cast.
  • PVC 3-Dimensional Letters: These charming signs come in different finishes, such as polished, anodized, painted, brushed, and patina. We recommend them for businesses that want to create a positive and lasting impression for their brand.
  • High-Density-Urethane or HDU: These multipurpose, eco-friendly dimensional signs are strong and naturally waterproof. You can choose to have them up to three inches thick for visual impact. If you want to add more shine and durability, we can apply acrylic or metal laminates to them.
  • Acrylic 3D Building Logos and Letters: These three-dimensional office signs have colorful, modern features. We recommend them for establishments that have a fresh and fun atmosphere.

Uses of Dimensional Letters for Your Tampa Facility

· Unlimited advertising in Tampa: Backlit dimensional letters are undeniably eye-catching and memorable. We use a cost-effective LED to illuminate the signage and emphasize certain design details. With their fantastic visibility and appeal, you can effectively promote the company even during low-light situations.

· Greet guests: Putting up these signs in your lobby is a great way to make customers feel welcome when they step foot inside your space. They also give a glimpse of your brand’s unique personality and industry reputation.

· Solidify your brand: 3D sign letters are excellent tools to draw attention to your brand and highlight its best qualities. If you choose us as your local signage partner, we can implement foolproof design and installation strategies to help your business stay top-of-mind.

· Get ahead of the competition: Advertisements are everywhere, and your establishment is likely to be surrounded by a multitude of competitors. You need to carefully choose the right signs that help you get a competitive advantage. The good news is that United Visual Branding can help achieve that goal with our expertly made 3D letter signage solutions. Talk to us to learn more.

· Room identification: Three-dimensional office signs are perfect for putting labels on your establishment's important rooms, spaces, or divisions. These can help improve employee morale and productivity because they know exactly where they should be when finding supplies, conducting meetings, etc.

· Wayfinding signs: These visual communication tools can also be utilized to provide directional cues to promote convenience and orderliness in your facility while still being consistent with your branding requirements and ambiance

Where Can I Get the Best Dimensional Letters in Tampa?

United Visual Branding is your reliable source for expertly crafted dimensional sign letters for establishments in Tampa and nearby areas. We utilize top-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to create the highest standard of visual marketing tools. Thanks to our passionate and talented team, we can help your business grow and thrive in a sea of competitors.

If you are interested to learn more about the cost of dimensional letters, get in touch with our Tampa team today!

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We’ll meet with you and learn about your vision for your company, your brand and your project. We will then suggest solutions that include types of signage, materials, process and timelines.

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Our team of designers will take your vision and create drawings for your project for your review and approval



Our team of skilled sign makers will take your drawing and custom build your sign bringing your vision to life.

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As soon as your sign is complete, we will schedule your installation with our skilled team to complete your project.

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