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Pylons 101: Making a Statement with Pylon Signs

Experts tell us that the average American is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 messages every day. That makes it essential that your marketing efforts stand out from the clutter. Many top brands find the use of commercial pylon signs an efficient and smart investment for achieving that objective. Just think of the many times you have searched the roadway or shopping areas for a known brand highlighted with a pylon sign.

Pylon signs stand out by their very design. They are constructed to rise above the mass of common signs that are easy to ignore. Well-designed and placed commercial pylon signs do their job by attracting your attention and achieving maximum visibility.

When choosing the best signage for your specific use, consider how important it is to:

  • Make a location easy to find by sight from a distance.
  • Show the owner or manager of a facility or space.
  • Provide names and addresses of single or multiple spaces in each location.

The use of a pylon for supporting the sign adds to the flexibility in locating the signage closer to streets and highways and provides the option of rising higher than the building or structure it is identifying.

Multiple Types of Pylon Signs

Depending on the specific application, you will find commercial pylon signs that utilize one of three basic designs:

  • The Single Pole. These signs are your choice of height and are often the tallest pylon signs you will see. A logo or message will be shown on two sides of these signs and can be constructed for visibility for miles. This makes them ideal for use on Interstate highways and other uses for identifying a location from a great distance.
  • The Double Pole. This design uses two parallel poles to provide maximum stability and messaging space. This centralized communication point will generally show information on both sides. You will find the double-pole pylon sign used as a directory sign for such applications as showing the tenants with shopping center signs or an industrial park. The added durability of these signs makes them wise long-term investments.
  • Illuminated Pole Signs. Modern LED lighting options to provide added functionality and versatility to the pole sign. Lighting can be on the ground or built-in to the signs to provide 24/7 visibility while standing out from other signs. These signs can be single-pole or double-pole directories, message boards, or logo-type signs.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment with Pylon Signs

Businesses use signs for one purpose: to generate business. This means attracting customers and making your business easy to find. Pylon signs often represent the best choice in signage and provide the biggest impact. This is especially the case for businesses along streets and highways.

With a pylon sign, you are not just saying, “here we are.” You are making it easy for potential customers to remember your products and services by constantly reminding them when they are passing by. That is an essential part of efficient branding and keeping your business “top of mind.”

When you turn to United Visual Branding, you are relying on professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced. We know how to customize your pylon sign to deliver your message in the most powerful way. Contact us today to discuss your commercial pylon sign needs.

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