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Serving multiple national luxury brands, UV Brand has deep experience in the automotive category. Our attention to detail and focus on customer service enables us to deliver the high-quality commercial signs and highly accurate representation of brands required for the automotive market.



Companies large and small have a variety of needs including monument signs, building signage, ADA signs, and lobby signs. UVB has the expertise and capability to handle and manufacture every need an office might have. We can even help with interior signage such as frosted glass vinyl and wall graphics.



Whether you are an elementary school, middle school, high school, college or university there is a need to get your messages out and provide information to students and the community through signage. United Visual Branding can provide the guidance and recommend the right signage products for your school including programable electronic message centers, monument signs, campus wayfinding signs, wall graphics and more.



The unique business of amusement parks, sports stadiums, special events, movie theaters, casinos and concert halls require innovative and creative signage. Our team of designers can help to create exciting and attractive signs visitors come to expect at these venues.



Standards are high and regulations numerous in the financial and banking industry. United Visual Branding understands signage requirements in this sector and can help with rebranding or ongoing needs.



The goal of any franchise network is to build the value of the brand through consistency and accuracy across all touch points of the business.  United Visual Branding has great experience in this area with our franchise customers and we understand the need for this consistency in signage in terms of quality, colors, materials and installation to keep brand identity and value of the franchise strong for everyone. We can even create a signage brand book for your organization.



Federal, state and local government projects have specific requirements and can be complex. United Visual branding’s team of experienced project managers, designers and production team are fully versed in managing public signage projects.



The fast expanding healthcare sector requires a signage company that can represent the brand and support a wide variety of signage products. United Visual Branding has helped a wide range of healthcare companies with their signage needs from large pylon signs to wall graphics to create a specific mood for patients.

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The restaurant business is all about visibility and messaging. Having prominent and memorable signage to attract customers and communicate the right message is very important. UV Brand can help in understanding local codes to maximize the allowable size for signage and develop signage that will act as your most important advertising 24 hours a day seven days a week.



Every retail store has a unique personality and brand that makes the experience special. The right signage inside the store and outside can attract and retain customers. Illuminated channel letters, dimensional letters, window and wall graphics are all important parts of a retail signage program. The UVB design team can create, fabricate and install all your signage and keep customers engaged.

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Competition in the Self-Storage category is fierce. Having a sign company that has the experience in branding a storage facility is critical to getting you noticed and stand out from the competition. From monument signs to channel letters UVB has the experience with these facilities to promote your brand and get you noticed.



Airports, shipping, rail and bus stations require a diverse range of signs including wayfinding, monument signs, pylon signs, ADA signs and more. UVB understands these types of multifaceted projects and can evaluate and implement detailed plans to ensure that signage for these projects is delivered on time and on budget.

House of Worship

Houses of Worship

Signage for a house of worship provides an important way to communicate with the congregation as well as the entire community. Programmable electronic message centers illuminated signs and carved signs are all options. UVB can help design, build and install the perfect sign for your needs.

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