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How Channel Letter Signs Work Hard for You

If you take a moment to think about some of the most impressive and memorable business signs you have noticed, there is a good chance that the sign used channel letters. If that sign that caught your attention was in the Tampa Bay area, there is a good chance it was created by the team here at United Visual Branding.


We take pride in working with our clients to design, create and fabricate some of the most effective signage in this marketplace, and we are known as the go-to channel letter sign company.

What Are Channel Letters?

A channel letter sign consists of a set of any combination of 3D channel letters, numbers, and/or characters that portray a company or brand name or any other marketing or branding message.

The individual channel letters are three-dimensional and are constructed with a variety of materials to suit specific requirements for each sign.


Channel letters are traditionally constructed with the basic components of a side of sheet aluminum, a face and back of acrylic or other material, and most often with some form of illumination. Channel letters are lit with one or more types of internal lights, external lights, spotlights, or “halo” lights. LED lighting is especially effective for many channel letter signs.

Types of Channel Letters

One of the great advantages of using channel letters is their versatility. They are created in an unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, fonts, colors, and designs. While the most common channel letters have acrylic faces, many materials are used to create distinctive channel letter signs. You can precisely replicate your brand logo and colors with a custom channel letter sign.

These signs are most often found on building and business exteriors and help identify a specific location. However, very effective interior channel letter signs are used to identify departments, add to branded spaces, and help build a brand image.

While a custom channel letter sign can be lighted or unlighted, they are a great way to achieve 24/7 branding with the right lighting plan.

As a full-service sign and graphics company, United Visual Branding will assist you in developing a comprehensive signage program that maximizes the use of all your potential sign “real estate,” including exteriors, interior walls, doors, windows, and any appropriate vehicles. We will work with you to develop a plan that fits your specific desires, needs, and budget.

We also assist and oversee all aspects of creating and implementing this plan, including channel letter sign installation and maintenance. Our capabilities include rapid response to maintenance and repair needs. We keep your signs looking fresh and new!


If you are planning your first sign, or you want to enhance your brand with an exciting new channel sign, call or click to speak with one of our experienced team members at United Visual Branding. You will quickly see why we believe channel signs enhance your brand and represent a great way to get your message to your market.

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